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This site is the official website for the 26th Marines Association. The other ("dot com") site is out of date and no longe maintained. Please do not confuse the two.

Our threefold mission is to provide information for veterans of all of the 26th Marine Regiment and to post their in-country photos and images - sort of a pictorial history of the life of a combat Marine. Secondly, the site hopes to provide a 26th Marine regimental history, according to the offical publication of USMC History: Vietnam 1964-1975, using excerpts from Command Chronologies of the same era. As time and effort allow, included will be brief summaries of World War II deployments, also. We have a very proud history that should be shared with all. And thirdly, provide information and registration for membership and our annual reunions.
Frequent updates to the site will be conducted during 2024. Time to do this has been at a premium, so please be patient (thanks), but check back accordingly.

Thirdly, the site will publish details of our annual reunions. Our gatherings keeps us all connected, sharing brotherly love, and helping each another.

Unit Awards & Citations - Vietnam Era
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Feature Photo
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Standing watch over an infant Marine,
Arlington National Cemetry

2024 Reunion Information

The 22ndAnnual Reunion will be held Thursday, September 26 through Sunday, September 29, 2024.

Everyone has a blast - whether it be just laying back to socialize, or checking out the local sites and points of interest. Folks come from all over the country. Old friendships are renewed, new friendships are made. Forgotten memories restored, important Veterans Benefits information is shared.

Reunions are held in different parts of the continental US, rotating east to west to allow for easier travel plans. This year we will gather in St. Augustine, Fl.

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