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2/26 Battallion Officers after Operation Meade River
Taken at Officers Club at Red Beach     Dec '68

Golf Co. officers
Lt Steve Gladis, PC; Lt Terry Arndt, XO; Lt Bruce Loftin, PC

Headed down to Liberty Bridge and into Goi Noi Island 1969

Lt Dean, PC Golf Co; Lt Arndt, PC Fox Co; and Doc ?     1968

Going into the LZ
Golf 2/26         1968

Lt Arndt; Capt Hartman, CO Fox Co; Lt Sabo, XO Fox Co
Aboard ship         Christmas 1968

Bronze Star and Navy Commendation awarded to
Cpl Bishop and L/Cpl VanBuren
During Operation Bold Mariner, Lt Arndt's (center) platoon, Fox 2, captured 106
VC/NVA prisoners from tunnels on Batagagan Penninsula

Goose, Cpl Jones, Doc Meadows & Cpl Wiggenton
Fox 2nd Platoon         1968

Guide, Sgt ??, Calvin, Jones, Perdu, hart and Plt Sgt Lagrone
Fox 2nd Platoon         1968

Lt Van Wyck, Fox 1; Lt Arndt, Fox 2; & Lt Ellis, Fox XO
China Beach         1969

Unknown Operation with Amtraks
Fox 2, 2/26         1968

Capt. Frank Stoltz, CO Fox Co. (left)
Standing with stores of rice captured by Fox 2     1968

Village Favorites #1
Golf 2/26         1968

Village Favorites #2
Golf 2/26         1968