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Killer Team Deployment       '69
Hosley, Delong, Lang Fang, "Home" Horner

Villager w/ nasty, meanass water buffalo       '69
Note gun tower at compound in background

Hosley dealing w/ black market villagers       '69

Hosley, Home, and Frenchy       '69

Kirkpatrick, Townesy, Home, Ugh, Hosley and Delong       '69
Operation in Chu Lai

Hammer, Ugh, Home, "Nashville Cat" Townes       '69

Reno Ron Barrett, Home, Ugh, Townesy, Delong       '69
Soda break while on patrol outside village

Delong, Hosley, Home, Cat       '69
Daybreak after all night Killer Team

Hosley, 'Combat Cook', Home       '69

Nick, Lang Fang, Shrub, Hosley       '69

Lang Fang, Home, Ugh, Shrub       '69
Waiting for CH-46's

Ugh, Home, 'Hammer' Maillet, Lang Fang Grizamer, Shrub, Cat, Kirk       '69

Ugh and Home       '69
Riding w/ buddies rom 'Tanks'

Home and Hosley       '69

Cook, 'Fish' Stryner, Hosley, Ugh, Home, Lang Fang       '69

Villagers, Home, Hollywood, Hosley       '69

Joseph with NVA flag       '69
Chu Lai

Kirkpatrick, Townesy, Home, Ugh, Hosley, Delong       '69

Jack "Home" Horner       '69
(Playing 'Gungho')

Hosley and Ugh       '69
Endless patrols

2nd Squad       '69
Hollywood, Jollie Ollie, Nick, Nashville Cat, Shrub, Home,
Ugh, Hosley, Jackson, Fish, Combat Cook, 'Surfbum' Hammer

Shrub and Home       '69

Martin, Home, Hosley, Ugh       '69

Doc Burke, Hosely, Killer (guns)       '69
Yet another patrol ...

Martin receives a CARE package from home       '69
Home, Shrub, Lee Martin

NVA Tunnel Complex       '69

Da Nang ammo dump       May '69

Hammer outside a 'vil       '69

Chu Lai Medivac and resupply       '69

Checking for boobytraps on paddy dike       '69 (l-r) Bull, Ugh, Home

Evacuating Villagers       '69
(l-r) Cat, Hosley, Home, Ugh

Airing out Monsoon's emersion foot - Hosley, Home       '69