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Kirkpatrick, Delong and Horner       1969


Bullshit Kirkpatrick and .....       1969


China Sea Club       1969
Bill Hall, Mike Delong, Walter Heim, Bob Racine

Dale Lant - Hill 22       1969


Harvey Lang (left), Dale LEnt (right)       1969


Davis and Ragland       1969


DeLong, Racine, Kirkpatrick and Lang       1969
PLT Patrol Base out of Hill 22

Don Shoff on the USS Vancouver       1969


Greenwalt and friend       1969


Greenwalt and honey at PI       1969


Harvey Lang and Bill Hall (Shrub)       1969


Harvey Lang and Bill Hall at Subic Bay, PI       1969


Hill 22-Maillet, Grismer, Horner and Long       1969


Hosley, Racine, Horner, Hall and DeLong       1969


Bruce Killen at HiaVan Pass       1969


Who's this?       1969


Lang Fang and Friend at PI       1969


Lang, Hall and Racine       1969


Lang, Heim and Grismer       1969


Lang, Lant, Hosley and Grismer       1969


Lt. before Lt. Harold       1969


Namo Bridge       1969


O.P. Namo Bridge       1969
Racine, Hosley and W.B. Frenchie Fackler

Roberts from Tanks at Namo Bridge       1969


Third Platoon at Subic Bay, PI       1969


Third Platoon at Subic Bay, PI       1969


Tom Hosley at PI       1969


Which Doc is this?       1969


Who's the guy shoving magazines in his mouth?       1969


Lanco Bridge North of HiaVan Pass       New Year's 1970