26th Marine Regiment
"Rejoining Those Who Served"

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United States Marine Corps
VietNam-era Military Occupational Specialty Codes

0100Basic Administrative Man 0121Personnel Clerk
0131Unit Diary Clerk 0151Administrative Clerk
0161Postal Clerk 0182Personnel Chief
0193Personnel/Administrative Chief 0200Basic Intelligence Man
0211Counterintelligence Assistant 0231Intelligence Man (Air/Ground)
0239Intelligence Assistant 0241Imagery Interpreter
0251Interrogator-Translator (Designated Language) 0291Intelligence Chief
0292Counterintelligence Chief 0293Imagery Interpretation Chief
0294Interrogator-Translator Chief 0300Basic Infantryman
0311Rifleman 0331Machine Gunner
0341Mortar Man 0351Antitank Assaultman
0353Ontos Crewman 0369Infantry Unit Leader
0400Basic Logistics Man 0431Embarkation Man
0441Logistics Man 0491Logistics/Embarkation Chief
0800Basic Field Artillery Man 0811Field Artillery Batteryman
0812Field Artillery Nuclear Projectileman 0842Field Artillery Radar Operator
0844Field Artillery Fire Control Man 0846Artillery Scout Observer
0847Artillery Meteorological Man 0848Field Artillery Operations Man
0849Shore Fire Control Party Man 0861Observer Liaison Man
0891Field Artillery Chief 0893Field Artillery Operations Chief
0894Observer Liaison Chief 1100Basic Utilities Man
1121Plumbing and Water Supply Man 1122Well Driller
1141Electrician 1142Electrical Equipment Repairman
1161Refrigeration Mechanic 1169Utilities Chief
1171Hygiene Equipment Operator 1173Hygiene Equipment Repairman
1179Hygiene Equipment Chief 1300Basic Construction, Equipment and Shore Party Man
1316Metal Worker 1341Engineer Equipment Mechanic
1345Engineer Equipment Operator 1346Rock Quarryman
1349Engineer Equipment Chief 1371Combat Engineer
1372Atomic Demolition Employment Technician 1379Engineer Operations Chief
1381Shore Party Man 1391Bulk Fuel Man
1400Basic Drafting, Surveying and Mapping Man 1401Programmer, Autocoder
1401Programmer, Symbolic
14014024, Computer Operator
14015981, Digital Data System Technician IBM 1411Construction Draftsman
1421Surveyor 1422Surveying and Drafting Chief
1431Map Compiler 1432Cartographer
1453Mapping Chief 1500Basic Printing and Reproduction Man
15004044, Operator/Programmer, UNIVAC
15005982 System, Digital Data System Tech, UNIVAC
1521Duplicating Man 1522Offset Pressman
1531Plate/Layout Man 1532Process Cameraman
1541Reproduction Chief 1542Reproduction Equipment Repairman
1800Basic Tank and Amphibian Tractor Man 1811Tank Crewman
1831Armored Amphibian Crewman 1833Amphibian Tractor Crewman
1891Tank and Amphibian Tractor Operations Chief 1892Tank Chief
1893Amphibian Tractor Chief 2100Basic Armament Repairman
2111Infantry Weapon Repairman 2112Rifle Team Equipment Repairman
2131Artillery Weapon Repairman 2141Tracked Vehicle Repairman, tank
2142Tracked Vehicle Repairman, Amphibian Tractor 2143Tracked Vehicle Repairman, Ontos
2144Artillery, Tracked Vehicle Repairman, Self Propelled 2149Tracked vehicle Technician
2151Turret Repairman 2161Repair Shop Machinist
2171Optical Instrument Repairman 2181Weapon Technician
2191Armament Chief 2192Weapons Chief
2193Tracked Vehicle Chief 2300Disposal Man, Basic Ammunition and Explosive Ordnance
2311Ammunition Technician 2335(Conventional Weapons), Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician
2336Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician 2500Basic Operational Communications Man
2511Wireman 2519Wire Chief
2531Field Radio Operator 2532Microwave Equipment Operator
2533Radio Telegraph Operator 2537Radio Chief
2542Communication Center Man 2549Communication Center Chief
2570Electronic Countermeasures Operator 2571Special Radio Operator
2572Cryptanalyst 2573Traffic Analyst
2574Cryptologic Linguist 2575Special Communication Operator
2576Special Electronics Operator/Analyst 2577Special Non-Morse Radio Operator
2578Cryptologic/Electronic Warfare Chief 2579Radio Direction Finder Operator
2591Operational Communications Chief 2800Basic Telecommunications Maintenance Man
2811Telephone Technician 2813Cable Systems Technician
2814Central Office Installer 2818Teletype Technician
2819KG-l3 Teletype Technician 2821Mobile Dial Central Tech
2822Electronic Switching Equipment Technician 2823Technical Controller
2825Fixed Ciphony Technician 2826Digital Subscriber Terminal Equipment Tech
2827Mobile Data Terminal Tech 2829Mobile Communication Central Tech
282BKW-26 Terminal Technician 2831Microwave Equipment Repairman
2833Satellite Terminal Repairman 2841Ground Radio Repairman
2851Aviation Radio Repairman 2853Aviation Meteorological Equipment Repairman
2861Radio Technician 2864Satellite Terminal Technician
2866Aviation Radio Technician 2871Electronic Instrument Repairman
2872Electronic Calibration Technician 2873Mechanical Calibration Technician
2876Radiac Instrument Repairman 2877Radiac Instrument Technician
287aMetrology Technician 2881Communication Security Equipment Technician
2891Telecommunications Maintenance Chief 2894Calibration Chief
3000Man, Basic Supply Administration and Operations 3041Supply Administrative Man, Manual Account
3042Supply Administrative Man, Mechanized Account 3051General Warehouseman
3052Preservation, Packaging and Packing Specialist 3061Subsistence Supply Man
3071Aviation Supply Man, Manual Account 3072Aviation Supply Man, Mechanized Account
3081Procurement Supply Man 3091Supply Administration and Operations Chief
3092Warehouse Supply Chief 3093Subsistence Supply Chief
3094Procurement Supply Chief 3095Aviation Supply Chief
3100Basic Transportation Man 3111Freight Operations Man
3112Air Freight Operations Man 3121Freight Transportation Clerk
3122Air Freight Transportation Clerk 3141Passenger Transportation Clerk
3191Transportation Chief 3200Basic Repairman
3211Fabric Repairman 3212Fabric Repair Chief
3241Office Machine Repairman 3242Officer Machine Repair Chief
3253Repair Chief 3300Basic Food Service Man
3301Programmer, Computer RCA 33014026, Computer Operator RCA
3311Baker 3371Cook
3372Cook, Specialist 3373Veterinary Technician
3381Food Service Technician 3382Food Service Technician Specialist
3383Veterinary Chief
3400Basic Auditing, Finance and Accounting Man
3421Personal Financial Records Clerk 3431Travel Clerk
3432Disburser/Disbursing Chief 3441Auditing Technician
3451Accounting Clerk 3452Accounting Analyst/Finance Chief
3500Basic Motor Transport Man 3513Body Repairman
3516Automotive Mechanic 3517Amphibious Cargo Carrier Mechanic
3518Fuel and Electrical Systems Repairman 3519Motor Transport Chief
3531Motor Vehicle Operator 3532Amphibious Cargo Carrier Operator
3533Tractor Trailer Operator 3537Truckmaster
4000Basic Data Systems Man 4013Card Punch Operator
4014Electric Accounting Machine Operator 4015Off-Line Equipment Operator
4019Data Systems Librarian 4022Computer Operator NCR
4033Computer Operator IBM S/360 4034Master Computer Operator IBM S/360
4036Multi-Systems Controller IBM S/36O 4051Programmer, Computer NCR
4053Programmer, Computer RCA 4057Programmer, Symbolic
4058Programmer, Autocoder 4059System Programmer, Optical Character Recognition
4063Programmer, COBOL IBM S/36O 4065Programmer, ALC IBM
4067Programmer, Language Specialist IBM
4069Systems Programmer IBM S/360
4093Data Systems Operation Chief 4095Data Systems Programming Chief
4100Basic Marine Corps Exchange Man 4111Bookkeeper
4131Exchange Man 4191Exchange Chief
4300Basic Public Affairs Man 4312Press Information Man
4313Radio and Television Information Man 4391Public Affairs Chief
4400Basic Legal Services Man 4421Legal Services Man
4422Legal Services Reporter-SPCM (Closed Microphone) 4423Legal Services Reporter-GCM (Closed Microphone)
4449Legal Services Chief 4600Basic Photography Man
4631Photographer 4632Camera Repairman
4633Photographic Quality Control-Specialist 4634Photojournalist
4671Motion Picture Cameraman 4672Cinematography Specialist
4681Motion Picture Film Editor 4691Photographic Chief
4900Basic Training Support Man 4911Illustrator
4921Audiovisual Librarian 4931Audiovisual Equipment Operator
4941Audiovisual Equipment Technician 4991Training Support Chief
5360Programmer, ALC IBM
5360Programmer, Language Specialist IBM
5500Basic Musician 5519Enlisted Band Leader
5521Drum Major 5523Instrument Repairman
5526-5565Bandsman 5567Arranger, Band
5571Drum and Bugle Corps Drum Major 5574-5579Drum and Bugle Corps Bugler
5592Drum and Bugle CorpS Arranger 5593Drummer, Drum and Bugle Corps
5700Man, Basic Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense 5711Specialist, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense
5712Chemical, Technical Escort 5800Basic Military Police and Corrections Man
5811Military Policeman 5812Marijuana Detector Dog Handler
5813Accident Investigator 5821Criminal Investigator
5822Polygraph Examiner 5831Corrections Man
5832Correctional Counselor 5900Basic Electronics Maintenance Man
5921Improved HAWK Fire Control Repairman 5922Central Repairman, Improved HAWK Information Coordination
5923Improved HAWK Firing Section Repairman 5924Improved HAWK Pulse Radar Technician
5925Improved HAWK Continuous Wave Radar Technician 5926Improved HAWK Automatic Fire Distribution and Engagement Simulator System Technician
5927Improved HAWK Fire Control Technician 5928Technician, Improved HAWK Missile System Maintenance
5929Improved HAWK Mechanical System Repairman 5931Ground Radar Technician
5932FADAC Radar Technician 5933Artillery Electronics Technician
5934Weapons Location Equipment Technician 5935Counter Mortar Radar Technician
5941Aviation Radar Repairman "A" 5942Aviation Radar Repairman "B"
5943Aviation Fire Control Repairman 5945Aviation Radar Repairman "C"
5948Aviation Radar Technician 5952Air Traffic Control Navigational Aids Technician
5953Air Traffic Control Radar Technician 5959Air Traffic Control Electronics Technician
5962-64Tactical Data System Repairman 5974Tactical Air Command Central Technician
5978Tactical Data Communications Central Technician 5979Tactical Air Operations Central Technician
5991Electronics Maintenance Chief 5992Ground Radar Maintenance Chief
5993Aviation Ground Radar Maintenance Chief 5994Tactical Data Systems Maintenance Chief
5995Missile Systems Maintenance Chief 5996Digital Data Systems Maintenance Chief
5997Air Traffic Control Maintenance Chief 6000Basic Aircraft Maintenance Man
6011Aircraft Mechanic, Trainee 6012Aircraft Mechanic, A4/TA4
6013Aircraft Mechanic, A6/EA6 6014Aircraft Mechanic, F4/RF4
6015Aircraft Mechanic, AV-8A 6016Aircraft Mechanic, KC-130
6017Aircraft Mechanic, Jet General 6018Aircraft Mechanic, OV-10
6019Aircraft Maintenance Chief 6021Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, Trainee
6022Systems Technician, IMA Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, J52 6023Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, T76
6024Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, J79 6025Pegasus - Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, Rolls Royce
6026Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, T56 6027Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, Jet General
6028Aircraft Mechanic, Reciprocating 6031Aircraft Flight Engineer, KC-l3O Trainee
6032Aircraft Power Plants Test Cell Operator 6034Spectrometric Oil Analysis Technician
6036Aircraft Propeller Mechanic 6038Aircraft Flight Engineer, KC-l3O
6041Aircraft Structures Mechanic, Trainee 6042Aircraft Structures Mechanic
6043Aircraft Welder 6044Aircraft Non-Destructive Testing Supervisor
6051Trainee, Aircraft Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic 6052General Aircraft Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic
6053A6/EA6 - Aircraft Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic 6059Aircraft Airframes Maintenance Chief
6062Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic 6064Flight Equipment Man
6067Aircraft Safety Equipment Chief 606lAircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, Trainee
6071Aircraft Maintenance Ground Support 6072Equipment Mechanic, Aircraft Maintenance Ground Support
6075Cryogenics Equipment Operator 6076Equip Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Structures Mech - Aircraft Maint Ground Support
6077Equipment Electrician, Aircraft Maintenance Ground Support 6078Equipment Refrigeration Mechanic, Aircraft Maintenance Ground Support
6079Equipment Chief, Aircraft Maintenance Ground Support 6082Aircraft Maintenance Administration Clerk
6083Technician, Aircraft Maintenance Data Analysis 6111Helicopter Mechanic, Trainee
6113Helicopter Mechanic, CH-46, CH-53 6114Helicopter Mechanic, U/AH-1
6119Helicopter Maintenance Chief 6121Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, Trainee
6122Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-58 6124Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic T-53
6125Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-64 G123, T-400 6131Helicopter Dynamic Components Mechanic-Trainee
6132Helicopter Dynamic Components Mechanic 6500Basic Aviations Ordnance Man
6521Aviation Ordnance Munitionsman 6531Aircraft Ordnance-Technician -
6533Aviation Ordnance Chief 6541Aircraft Ordnance/Missile Technician
6600Basic Avionics Man
6611Technician, Trainee, Aircraft Communications/Navigation Systems
6612Tech, Helicopter/OV-10, Aircraft Communications/Navigation Systems 6613Tech, Transport/Utility, Aircraft Communications/Navigation Systems
6614Tech, A-4/TA4/A-6/EA-6/F-8, Aircraft Communications/Navigation Systems 6615Technician, AV-8A, Aircraft Communications/Navigation Systems
6616Technician, RF-4/RF-4B/J, Aircraft Communications/Navigation Systems 6617Aircraft Communication Systems Technician, IMA
6618Aircraft Navigation Systems Technician, Radio, 6619Aircraft Navigation Systems Technician, Radar,
6620IMA, Aircraft Navigation Systems Technician, TACAN, 6621Aircraft Radar Systems Tech, Trainee
6622KY-28 Cryptographic Technician 6623Systems Technician, EA6A, Aircraft Passive Electronic Countermeasures
6624Systems Technician EA-6A, Aircraft Active Electronic Countermeasures 6625Tech, RF-4, Aircraft Radar Recon Systems
6626Aircraft Passive Electronic Countermeasures 6627Systems Technician, IMA, Aircraft Active Electronic Countermeasures
6628Systems Technician, IMA, Aircraft Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures
6629Tech, IMA, Aircraft Radar/IR Recon Systems
6631Trainee, Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician 6632Helicopter/OV-10 - Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician,
6633Transport/Utility - Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, 6638Technician, IMA, Aircraft Electrical/Instrument Systems
6639Computer Systems Tech, IMA, Aircraft Flight Control and Air Data 6640Technician, Aviation Electronic Micro-Miniature Repair
6641Technician, Trainee, Aircraft Armament Control/Attack Systems 6641Technician-Trainee, Aircraft Armament Control/Attack Systems
6642Aircraft Attack Systems Technician, A-4 6643A-6/EA-6 - Aircraft Radar Attack Systems Technician,
6643Aircraft Attack Systems Technician, A-6/EA-6
6644Aircraft Attack Systems Technician, AV-8A
6645Aircraft Attack Systems Technician,A-6/EA6, IMA
6646IMA,Aircraft Attack Systems Technician, A-4/AV-8A,
6652Aircraft Search/Track Radar Technician, A-6/SACR 6653Aircraft Ballistics Computer Technician, A6/SACE
6654Technician, A-6/SACE, Aircraft Inertial Navigation Systems 6655EMTC Systems Tech, IMA, Semi-Automatic Checkout Equipment (SACE)MATC
6656Technician F-4B (AERO-1A), Aircraft Armament Control Systems 6657F-4J - Aircraft Armament Control Systems Technician
6658AERO-1A, IMA, Aircraft Armament Control Systems Technician
6659AWG-10, IMA, Aircraft Armament Control Systems Technician
6662Aviation Training Devices Technician, General 6663Aviation Training Devices Technician, H-46
6664Aviation Training Devices Technician, A/EA-6 6665aviation Training Devices Technician, F/RF-4
6666Control/Air Defense Systems, Aviation Training Devices Tech, Air 6672Aerial Camera Systems Technician
6673Aerial Camera, ADAS Systems Technician, IMA 6674Technician, Imagery Interpretation Equipment Repair
6675Aviation Photographic Film Processor 6679Aviation Photographic/Electronic Systems Chief
6682Calibration Technician, Aviation Precision Measurement Equipment 6683Technician, Aviation Precision Measurement Equipment Repair
6689Aviation Precision Measurement Equipment Chief 6691Avionics Maintenance Chief
6693Training Support Center Chief 6700Basic Air Control/Anti-Air Warfare Man
6711Air Traffic Controller-Tower Trainee 6712Air Traffic Controller-Tower
6721Air Traffic Controller-Radar Trainee 6722Air Traffic Controller-Radar
6724Air Traffic Controller 6741Aviation Electronics Operator
6751Air Control/Anti-Air Warfare Operator, Trainee
6752Redeye Gunner
6753HAWK Missile System Operator 6754Anti-Air Warfare Batteryman
6755System, Air Control Electronics Operator, Manual 6756System, Air Control Electronics Operator, Automated
6757Air Support Operations Operator 6758Air Controller, Automated Systems
6759Supervisor, Air Command, Control and Defense System 6781Airborne Radio Operator, Trainee
6782Airborne Radio Operator 6785Aerial Navigator, Trainee
6786Aerial Navigator 6788Airborne Electronic Countermeasures Operator
6800Basic Weather Service Man 6821Weather Observer
6831Weather observer/Rawinsonde Operator 6842Weather Forecaster
7000Basic Aviation Operations Man
7011Aircraft Launch and Recovery Technician
7041Aviation Operations, Man 7051Aircraft Crash, Fire and Rescue Man
7100Basic Air Delivery Man 7141Air Delivery Man
8061Marine Wing Weapons, Unit Specialist 8062Ground Nuclear Weapons Technician
8151Guard 8231Education Assistant
8411Recruiter 8421Career Planner
8431Psychological Operations NCO 8441Civil Affairs NCO
8511Drill Instructor 8531Marksmanship Instructor
8535Human Relations Instructor 8561Physical Training Instructor
8611Interpreter (Designated Language) 8621Surveillance Sensor Operator
8631Surveillance Sensor Maintenance Man 8652Qualified, Reconnaissance Man, Parachute Jump
8654Qualified, Reconnaissance Man, Parachute and SCUBA 8662Parachutist
8711Infantry Operations Assistant 8811Fireman
8911Barracks and Grounds Man 8915Messman
8921Athletic and Recreation Assistant 8981Military Affiliate Radio System Radio Operator
8953Reconnaissance Man, SCUBA Qualified 9011Club Manager/Treasurer
9051Graves Registration Specialist 9811Band of the USMC
9900Basic Marine, General Service 9915Special Assignment, Enlisted
9940Vietnamese Language Trained 9970-9975Basic Marine, Enlistment Program
9991Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps 9999Sergeant Major/First Sergeant

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